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How do we work?

What do we offer and what services do we provide?

We are proud of our team of professional software developers and consultants who will offer the most complete and optimal software solutions for your business.

Cooperation with Slambase helps in effective resource management and increases income. Due to this you can optimize and improve the quality of your work processes.

Software development consulting services

Software development always implies finding the right solution in critical situations. Technology consulting helps bring qualitative changes in your business operations, this will allow you to fit the requirements and goals.

Benefits of software development consulting services

Cooperating with a team of experienced software developers you can be certain of their knowledge and skills, and above all in a successful outcome. We provide services that help avoid additional hiring and allow you to reduce your costs at times.

Full service software development consulting

We will help to analyze your business technical requirements, design, and plan software development, and calculate the financial model of development, integration, and subsequent software operation by your business needs.

IT consulting services. Software consulting

We provide custom services including integration features for any company regardless of its size and capitalization. Due to extensive experience in IT, we are able to define main needs of your business and realize projects of any scale and complexity.

Worldwide search for performers and teams

Recruit IT employees without borders

The benefits of working with us

How can we help you?

Worldwide search for performers and teams

The personnel search service occurs in several stages, and first is a call, during which an acquaintance and outlining the main criteria of the required employee:

  • your team work sphere;
  • the main specificity of work;
  • search areas;
  • appropriate vacancies list, which closing requires.

Extremely important in recruitment is a place of work or country, from which specialists are needed. Because the larger list of possible countries to choose from the faster employee find jobs will be done. Because the wider the list of available countries to choose from, the faster employee find jobs will be done.Also, the important criteria is ability of remote work - then a worldwide search is available.

Requirement process flow by several channels:

  • from our own candidates base, manually selected by our experts
  • selection by specialized recruitment services, for example, AmazingHiring, LinkedIn, etc;
  • by special sources for search in particular countries, usually, it could be the most popular messengers.

Frequently, doing searches in European countries, our specialists use Telegram messenger, in which special channels for job searches and IT sphere vacancies are very common.

Candidate interviews are performed online, which is most closely to offline interviews so that our experts can make contact with applicants, check nonverbal communication skills, and form a correct opinion about the person. Our specialists clarify preferable communication channels at once. It could be Linkedin, Skype, Telegram, Facebook, etc., and further interaction takes place right here.

Communication with client is ongoing online. It could be a corporate communication service or other channels, which fits both sides. All meetings with client are by online video, and for sharing documents we use email.

What are we offering?

Our core services

The IT sphere includes many areas that are not similar to each other, and our company provides different services range to optimize your business activities.


Server software development.

We are developing a set of solutions for server software development. We will help you develop the perfect product to increase the profit of your business.


Branding and marketing

We provide a quality and reliable set of tools to promote and develop a unique brand. We will tell how to increase the uniqueness of the brand and interest customers.


Internet of Things (IOT)

We design, develop, implement and manage processes IOT. Increasing analyze and collecting data ability to use software, without human involvement.


Web development

We will help to create a unique web-application or website, after taking into consideration all your requirements, as well as provide technical support for web-resources.



Our team focused on creating aesthetically pleasing, clear, and user-friendly user interfaces. We will help you make your product stand out from the competition.


Artificial Intelligence

Slambase specializes in using all advanced approaches for software development using artificial intelligence to increase the profitability of your business.

Can't find a performer for your project?

Search performers and teams all over the world

Nowadays the IT sphere is rapidly developing due to digital progress and the demand for experienced professionals has increased significantly. It is so difficult to find a good specialist with an extensive list of skills because the field includes many industries that differ from each other. Technical industry employees (developers) must be highly qualified, because this area, although profitable, but very difficult.

In addition to this, each progressive company needs a good web resource to promote and advise customers. And for this goal, you need either an individual specialist or a whole team of developers.

And if selecting the performer isn't so difficult, but to find him is just the biggest problem. There are many sites on the internet offering vacancies and resumes of different levels of specialists, but whether you can trust all of them is another question. This is where the specialists of Slambase will quickly and professionally complete all your questions about this or that vacancy.

We have our own candidates and verified sites database, where you can easily find a good candidate for your proposed position. Our employees will help you find a single specialist as well or a whole team of specialists, if necessary.

Trust monotonous and organizational work to Slambase, and we will do it for you. You will have to be present at the final interview with the candidate or team, and make the decision to hire them for your company.

We will always be glad to turn your idea into a working product and release it by selecting the most competent specialists in the industry. Email us and we'll discuss the details of our collaboration in the next few days.

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